In March of 2009, Released her first album with Warner Music "Butterfly". Incorporating ballet within her first single release, Jolin Tsai offered a whole new experience to her fans.

"Butterfly" achieved rewarding results in Asia

A top 10 gold hit for the single "Compromise" at the 2nd annual Baidu Awards

Highest Volume of Sales and Best selling downloads  for a female artist at the 4th annual China Mobile Awards

Achieved numerous titles at Taiwan's KKBox Digital Charts including

Asia's Sexiest Female Singer, Year End Top 10 Artist, Number 3 on the Year End Album Charts for "Butterfly" and Number 6 on the Year End Singles Chart for "Compromise"

Came in at the top for Taiwan's most cultivated female artist

Top achievements on the annual QQ Music Awards including:

Number 4 on the Top 10 Artists of the Year, Number 2 on the Year End Album Charts for "Butterfly" and Number 8 on the Year End Singles Chart for "Compromise"



In April of 2010, Jolin Tsai sings the theme song for Taiwan's Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010

In August of 2010, Jolin Tsai release her 11th studio album "Myself"

Expanding on her dance routines, Jolin Tsai brought back Voguing into her first single "Honey Trap" creating a craze for this dance move in Taiwan

On December 24th, Jolin Tsai began her three date concert "Volkswagen and Jolin Tsai World Tour" at the Taipei Arena. A majority of her performance were all dance hits, combining choreographed moves and gymnastics, this concert quickly became a classic.

The Album "Myself" once again conjured up great success throughout Asia

Number ONE on Hit FM's Year End Singles Chart for "Honey Trap"

Top 10 Artist at the 1st Next Magazine's Music Awards

Most Popular Female Artist in Hong Kong and Taiwan at the 4th Tencent Star Awards

Outstanding Music Video for "Honey Trap" at the 5th Annual BQ Celebrity Awards

Number 7 on Forbe's list of Most Valued Chinese Figure (The Highest for a female artist)

Numerous recognition at the 8th Annual Music Radio Awards including:

Best Hong Kong Taiwan Female Artist, Best Hong Kong Taiwan Album, and Best Single of the Year for a Hong Kong Taiwan Artist

Most influential musician and a top ten golden hit for the decade at the 10th Annual Top Chinese Music Awards

Scored a number of singles on KKBox's Top 100 Year End Chart including: "Compromise", "Parachute", "Slow Life" and "My Reliance"

as well as spots in the top 100 albums for "Butterfly", "Dancing Diva" and "J century compilation"

Most Popular Female Artist according to TVBS's Popularity Survey


Became the only Mandarin Hit on Korea's "Freaky Remix" Chart for the single "Honey Trap"

Number 9 on Japan's Top 10 List of Global Female Goddesses



In 2011, the Music Video for "Honey Trap" was nominated for Best Music Video at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards

A series of achievements on the 1st Global Chinese Music Golden Chart including:

Most Requested Song for "Honey Trap", DJ's favorite artist of the year, Top 20 Hit for "Honey Trap" and Most Popular Female Artist of the Year

An endless list of results on the 2010 China's Music Radio Chart including:

Most Popular Female Artist, Best Female Musician, Best Arrangement and Best Producer for the single "Honey Trap", Best Year End Album for "Myself", and Best Artist for Music Radio's Voice of the Year.